Please access the ‘Settings’ menu on your desk phone by doing the following:

1. Press the round button with the Green Tick as shown below in the screenshot circled in red:


 2. Use the bottom key underneath the green tick to scroll downwards through the menu options – as shown below:


3. You will see the display on the phone show you the menu options - when you get to Settings Click OK - this will be the button underneath the screen.

4. Select the Date/Time option.  Please use the scroll buttons left and right to help make your selections – as shown below in red:

To enter the Date:

Use the phones keypad to enter the date format in – date, month, year for example 16102014

If you experience an issue with trying to enter the date please click on the button underneath the green tick as shown below: 

Enter the date and press Save when finished - which you will see under the display screen - alternatively press the green tick button.


To enter the Time:

Use the scroll function to select the Time – please choose ON 24 hour format.

Use the key pad to enter the time in 4 digit format for instance 1625 for 16.25pm  

Press the Save key to save your changes.