Please check the email address you are using to send from - is this email address logged against your own CRM contact record?  

Please note: that any email address you use must be associated to your own CRM user profile.   Just search on your own name to find your CRM contact record linked to your CRM user profile. 

This means that any emails you then send out to your contacts via the CRM will then automatically put a copy of the email into the contacts record, within the History section.

If you use a different email address to send emails from which is not recorded against your CRM contact record then the emails you send will be stored inside a duplicate contact record which will be created for yourself.  

Please also ensure that if you are sending out an email to contact via their email address inside your CRM account that the Bcc: field is automatically populated with your unique email drop box address which will be a in the following format:


If you have any questions please contact our Support Helpdesk for assistance.