1. Can I divert my VoIP line to an international mobile number?

Yes this is possible - however, you would pay call forwarding charges to divert your VoIP line to an international mobile.  

Depending on which country and network operator you wish to forward to the prices will vary.  Please contact our Support Helpdesk with details of the Country and mobile network provider you wish to forward to so that we can advise you on cost. 

2. Can I divert my phone to more than one number?

Yes we would need to set up a Ring Group for you - we need to know what numbers in the ring group it should ring either in a sequence or ringing all phones at once?

Do you need a call confirm i.e press 1 to accept the call and how long in the ring group before the call goes onto another destination i.e voicemail?

3. Can I put my phone on permanent divert and if I do will I be charged?

Yes you can forward a VoIP line to another number such as a mobile number so that all calls are permanently forwarded, however please be aware that you will incur call forwarding charges as well as monthly line rental costs. 

For UK customers the monthly line rental per VoIP line is £9 + VAT.  If forwarding calls permanently to a UK mobile you will also pay call forwarding charges of 3p per minute. For International customers please contact our Support Helpdesk for details of charges.

4. Can I divert my mobile number to my VoIP phone number?

Depending on your mobile phone network you may be able to point your mobile number across to your VoIP line - so that anyone calling your mobile number will automatically be diverted to your VoIP line number. 

You would need to contact your mobile network to find out if this is possible. 

5. Can a UK VoIP line that is diverted to a UK mobile be displayed when incoming calls from the VoIP line are received on a mobile?

When a VoIP line is forwarded to either a mobile or landline we preserve the originator number (the number of the person calling your line) so that this will be shown to the phone which is picking the call up. 

But what we can do is set up an announcement so when you pick up the call we will say that it is for VoIP line 'x' and you then have the choice if you want to accept or reject the call.  There would be a small setup fee to set this up, if it is just adhoc for your current VoIP line then to set this up would be £25 + VAT for UK customers.

However, if you have more than 1 line you would like to set this up for then the price would be more but we can set this up in bulk for you - if needed. 

We would ask you to confirm how many lines you would like this set up for and to contact our Support Helpdesk with this information so that we can provide you with a quotation. 

If you are an International customer please contact our Support Helpdesk to see if this is available and for pricing.

6. How do I make sure that unanswered VoIP calls are routed back to another line so we do not miss any calls?

Use the 'No Answer' call transfer option which you will find inside your Phone line configuration settings to divert a VoIP line when unanswered to another VoIP line to ensure that you do not miss any calls. 

7. If my VoIP phone line is diverted to my mobile where will the voicemail message go? 

If your VoIP line is diverted to a mobile or landline and the call is unanswered, if a voicemail message is left, the message will be accessible on either the VoIP phone itself, or by email as you will also receive an email notification to let you know you have received a voicemail message.  The voicemail message can be played back directly from this email. 

8. We have a main line number which we need to be diverted to members of our team so it rings 'person 1' first and then 'person 2' if 'person 1' is busy.  If the call is not answered it then needs to be transferred across to a different number.  How do we set this up? 

You will need to put your main line VoIP number on 'All Calls' to be transferred to 'person 1'.   

Next you will need to set up the rule on the line that 'All Calls' are diverted to (in this case 'person 1') so that for 'Busy' the calls are transferred to 'person 2'.  

On this same line ('person 1') you will need to set up the rule for 'No Answer' to be transferred to either a different extension line or a landline / mobile number. 

The set up we would expect to see is shown in the example below: 

For more information or any other questions please don't hesitate to contact our Support Helpdesk.