If you are unable to view a contacts email address due to their being lots of contact information has been recorded on the business card section inside the contact's record, please check the following:

1. Are all the contact numbers/email addresses recorded for your contact valid?  If not please remove any that are no longer used/needed.

2. Check that all tags applied are relevant to the contact?  If not please remove any tags that may no longer be relevant.

This will free up space on the business card section. 

Please see an example of where some information has been obstructed due to lots of contact information and multiple tags applied:

If you are unable to remove any contact information or tags then to ensure that your email is sent and a copy of the email is recorded inside your CRM account please follow the steps below:

1. View a contacts email address by clicking on the Edit button inside their contact record:

2. Here you will see their email addresses clearly listed:

3. Make a note of the email address you wish to send your email out to. 

4. Construct your email to your contact inside your email client such as Outlook etc and make sure that in your BCC: field you put in your CRM email dropbox address which is:


yourcompanyname@mail.crmdomain.com if you are unsure what your unique dropbox email address is please contact our Support Helpdesk. 

5. When the email is sent - so long as you have used the CRM dropbox email address in the BCC: field then it automatically recognises the email address of the person you are sending out to with the email address that is recorded inside their contact record.

6. This means the email you send is then associated back into the contacts record – so long as you have recorded their email address against their contact record this will work.

7. That way a copy of the email you send to this person will automatically log a copy back inside their contact record, within the History as well as logging this on the Dashboard.