Call Reporting 

Inside the Phone section of your CRM account as standard you can view and export* out call logs to show both:

  • incoming calls
  • outgoing calls

The in-built reporting allows you to track all outcomes such as ‘answered’, ‘not answered’, ‘busy’ and ‘voicemail’ etc which we can track for each VoIP line. 

*Please note that only Key Account Holders and Admin Users can use the export feature. 


Please find some further information below about how to view this information:


1. Click on the Phone icon: 

2. This takes you to the Call Records page as shown below:

3. All incoming and outgoing calls will be shown for each VoIP line by date and time. 

4. You can scroll through the different months using the Previous and Next arrows as shown below in red:

5. Use the search fields to filter records by Date Range:

6. Or Filter records by incoming or outgoing calls or both as shown below:

7. View call types using the 'All call types' drop down to see:

8. View all outcomes using the 'All outcomes' drop down as shown below:

9. This information can be exported out by using the Export button as shown below:

10. This gives you a call export period of between 1 month and 1 year:

Here is example of what is exported out into a csv spreadsheet:

11. We also provide Call Statistics if you click on icon as shown below:

12. Here you will see a Call Statistics Summary Page as shown below:

13. This gives you a break down of incoming and outgoing calls and cost since your last invoice. 

14. You can filter between Outbound calls and Inbound calls to track activity over a week by each of your VoIP Lines as shown below you can see Outbound calls:

15. The key below in different coloured text shows the following: 

  • Dark green text - calls answered (30 + seconds)
  • Light green text - calls answered (11-29 seconds)
  • Orange text - calls answered (1-9 seconds)
  • Red text - no answer

16. The call duration is also shown in hours/minutes/seconds as shown in red for each line:

17. To see Inbound calls just click on the (show inbound) link:

If you would like more detail than the above then we can set up a bespoke call activity report which is based on your exact requirements, please contact our Support Helpdesk to discuss and for a quotation.