How to Send Emails inside a Contact Record:

Click here to watch a quick video or follow the instructions below: 


1. Go into an existing contact and click on the email address in their record which you will find located on the right hand side in the business card section.  


To add an email address go into the Edit section of the contact where the email address will then be displayed on the business card as shown below:.



2. When you have clicked on the contacts email address this will automatically pop up your email template (i.e. Outlook, Hotmail or whatever email client you currently use). 


In the cc: or bcc: you will see your unique mailbox address which automatically populates – see example below:


  3. This unique code relates to the contact's record.  When you send your email a copy of the email will be stored inside the contact's record within the History section as shown below:

4. In front of your unique mail drop box address you will see a combination of numbers and letters (as shown above) this code is unique to the contact record you are working in.  


5. When you send out the email a copy of that email will be saved inside your contacts record within the History section of your CRM and any attachments will also be saved. 


6. If you send an email outside of your CRM account then you will need to type in the mail drop box address in the cc: or bcc: of the email to ensure you have a copy of the email you send go into your CRM account.