If your phone displays the error message 'No IP Connection' the phone is not picking up a signal from your router that runs your VoIP phone line(s). 

Please re-boot your router that runs your VoIP lines and also re-boot your Gigaset Base Station (is using a cordless phone) or disconnect your Gigaset Desk phone and leave for 5 minutes before re-booting. 

When your router/phones are re-booted it should then provide the phones with a IP address address. 

If this does not happen please check the following: 

1. Please also check that your phone line is set up to make outgoing calls via the Gigaset Base Station web interface.  Please click here to see further guidance on this. 

2. Please see if you can get an IP address from the phones handset please click here to see how to find this. 

3. Please provide us with the IP address from your phone so that we can check it has not become blocked. 

4. Please try changing the ports on your VoIP line from 5060 to 5065 click here to see how. 

5. Please also provide us with: 

  • Router make and model 
  • Broadband provider
  • Network set up - is your IP address on a fixed or dynamic network? 

Please email the above information to our Support Helpdesk so that we can assist you further.