Test your broadband to see if it is sufficient to support adding VoIP:

Before you add a VoIP phone line onto your CRM account we ask that you firstly run a Speed Test on your current broadband connection to see if the line is sufficient in terms of speed and band-width to support VoIP.

Here is the Speed test link:


Please do the following:

1. Click on 'Begin Test' - let this run it normally takes 30 seconds to complete.

2. Let the test run it should take around 30 seconds to complete. 

The speed test will show you: 

The VoIP speed test will test ping (latency), download speed and upload speed results that you can use to evaluate your broadband connection.   

A typical example of a completed speed test is shown below:


We are looking for minimum results:

PING – not higher than 100 (if it is then contact Technical for advice).


UPLOAD SPEED – 1 Mbps+ (if less than 1 it is likely you are using an ADSL line.  We would need to know how many lines/users you would want set up with VoIP as it may be okay for 1 user but not more).  

We would advise that you have a fibre optic broadband line (if available in your area) as this would give you more bandwidth capacity and therefore better quality in terms of VoIP calls.  

When the test has finished please email the results over to our Support Helpdesk.  Once we have checked the results we will come straight back to you to advise you further.

VoIP Setup: Please provide the following information: 


1. Who is your existing broadband provider?


2.  What type of router do you use? Please provide make and model - this is very important as some makes and models are not compatible to run VoIP.   

Routers that are recommended for VoIP are listed below:


  • Technicolor TG582n PRO or the TG589n
  • Cisco RV042(G) / RV082 / RV016 / RV110W / RV180W / RV320
  • Cisco Integrated Services Routers (1900/2900/3900 series)
  • Draytek 2830 / 2820 series
  • ZyXEL range
  • Netgear DG834(g)/ DGN2000 / DGN3500  /WNR2000
  • Linksys by Cisco ADSL and cable routers

Please click here to find out further router compatibility information.


3. What type of IP address does your router use?  Fixed (statistic) or Dynamic?  


Please note: that phone equipment is usually configured to run on a Dynamic IP address so if you use a static IP address you must advise of us this before your phone equipment is set up.