If you are looking to track your sales team, help-desk or telesales/call centre then our CRM can pull out those important statistics for you.

Here is an example of a Call Activity Report what you may want to track:

You can track the calls made (outgoing) and calls received (incoming) as well as number of quotes, sms, email, call backs etc done by All the team or by an Individual.

Set up filters 

Filters can be used in a number of ways i.e.

1. Filter by Team or Individual users

- to be able to view All your team for a complete overview as the example shows above.  Or filter by an individual - see example below:

2. Filter by Date

-  Using the Date drop down - see on weekly, monthly or yearly basis.  (some clients prefer a date range so they can filter from one date - to another)

-  Or filter by Date from: pop up calendar - to the Date to: - see example below:

If you would like to find out more please contact  our Support Helpdesk.