Click2Call works in that 1 extension line is linked to each CRM user - which when set up works by making their phone (that has the extension line set up) ring. 

If you are using multiple phone lines then you will need to change the Click2Call extension number depending on which VoIP line you will be making calls from. 

We can set up a Click2Call Toggle button to allow you to toggle between 2 different lines - please see below for more details: 

Click2Call Toggle button

If you have more than one phone line associated to a user i.e a  different phone line for home and work then we can associate the 2 different phone line extensions to one user using the Toggle buttons.  

See example below - this would be displayed on the Dashboard for ease of access inside your CRM account.

You can see that Home is highlighted in Red so it means that Office is set as the default extension for the Click2Call to work in the Office.

One off set up fee: £25 + VAT

Please contact our Support Helpdesk to get this added to your account.