Ringing internal physical extensions issue:

Here is a scenario using users names to help understand the issue better:

1. Paul can dial into Andy’s extension all works correctly where it rings and Andy picks up the internal extension call. 

When Andy dials into Paul's extension it doesn't ring and just goes straight to answer phone.

2. Incoming calls issue with ring group: It needs to call ALL phone lines at once but is not doing this.

Incoming calls will ring both phones 

But then the next incoming call will only ring one phone when both phones are free (does this randomly – seems that one phone will receive calls all the time but the other phone randomly gets incoming calls)

3. Click2call still not working correctly 

When Andy uses his click2call it rings the other phone when it shouldn't also the click2call will only work on his line 1 in 5 times on average, yet the other phone line click2call is working perfectly every time.

Issues such as these above can be resolved by removing a phone line profile from one phone - where 2 phone line profiles are registered onto one phone. 

If this is the case you will need to login to the web interface for your phone to change this and un-check the phone line that should not be registered to your phone.

If using a Gigaset Desk phone please click here to see how to do this. 

If using a Gigaset Dect phone please click here to see how to do this.