If you have purchased a Gigaset Desk phone(s) as shown in the image below then please read on to see how you set this up:


1. Connect the Handset and cord together - the cord plugs into the bottom of the phone. 


2. The phone also comes with a power cable - connect this to the the back of the phone into the power connection.  There are several plug adapters in the UK use the 3 pin to connect to the plug and power up the phone. 


3. Connecting your Gigaset Desk Phone to a Router/Switch


To make and receive calls with your VoIP line you must connect your Gigaset Desk phone to your broadband connection.


Each Gigaset Desk phone is supplied with a 1m Ethernet cable which is used to connect your phone to your router or switch. 


Please note that if your router/switch is further away than 1m you will need to use an Ethernet cable with adequate reach to connect your phone. 


Follow the steps as shown below: 




  • Connect one end of the Ethernet cable into the network socket on your phone – as shown above.
  • Connect the other end of your Ethernet cable into the LAN port on your router or switch.

4. When your phone has been connected you will see a message 'No IP Account Configured' on the screen. 

5. You now need to find the IP address of the phone - to find this please click here.

6. Once you have the IP address type this into a web browser which will take you into the Gigaset Desk Phone web interface as shown below: 

7. To login please enter admin in lower case and click on OK as shown above. 

8. Go to the Settings tab

9. Select System - Firmware Update – and click on the ‘Update Firmware’ button as shown below: 

Please note: This will take about 10 minutes to download and install the latest firmware (2.1.0). When the phone has finished upgrading – log back into the phone web interface. 

10. Once the firmware has been updated please log back into the Gigaset web interface and go to the Settings tab. 

11. Click on Network and Connections - LAN Settings as shown below:  There should be no change to the IP Address Type which should show as 'Dynamic' unless you are on a Static IP address. 

12. Click on Network and Connections - Server and Phone Systems – Change ‘Connected with phone system’ to ‘Asterisk’ and then click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the screen. 

13. Next go to the Telephony option as shown below:

14. Click on Connections as shown below: 


15. Click Edit next to an unregistered line (IP1) to register a new line as shown above. 

16. This takes you into the Connections page as shown below: 

17. In the Connection Name or Number field enter your full VoIP line number as shown below:

18. In the Authentication Name field enter your VoIP line extension number - to find your extension line click here.

19. In the Authentication Password field enter your VoIP Secret number -  please see the the screenshot below on where to find the Secret number to enter into the Authentication Password field:

20. In the Username field enter your VoIP extension line number

21. Enter a name of the line in the Display Name field this could be a company name or person name.

22. Click on Advanced Settings where you will see the page below displayed: 


23. In the Domain field please enter sip.crmdomain.com 

24. In the Proxy Server Address enter sip.crmdomain.com 

25. Proxy Server Port enter either 5065 or 5060

26. For the Registration Server  Port enter sip.crmdomain.com

27. Registration Refresh Time - change to 60 as shown below: 

28. In the Outbound Server Address enter sip.crmdomain.com as shown below:  


29. Outbound Proxy Port enter 5065 or 5060.

30. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

31.  If you go to the Telephony - Connections screen after a few seconds you should see it says ‘Registered’ against line 1 as shown below: 

32. Go to Telephony - Audio and select Voice Quality – make sure ‘Optimised for high bandwidth’ is selected and click ‘save’ as shown below: 

33. Click on Telephony - Local SettingsCountry select ‘United Kingdom’  and for Tone Scheme select ‘United Kingdom of Great Britain’ – and then ‘Save

34. Select Telephony - Voice Mail Services – under mailbox number enter ‘*97’ and check the active box and then ‘Save’ as shown below:

35. Select Messaging - MWI Light – set Missed Calls to ‘No’ and then 'Save' as shown below: 

36. Check the System - Date and Time – should all be ok as is if not please change this. 

37. Click on System - Save and Restore – we would suggest saving a copy of the configuration.

38. Click Log out to exit the web interface as shown below: