If you wish to add a new VoIP line number to your VoIP set up please consider the following points:

What type of line do you want?
Phone line or Conference line?

What area/location should the line display?
Do you require a local geographic area number or a national number such as an 03 or 0800 number?

Who is the VoIP line for?  
Please confirm the name of the person to be associated to the new line so that we can make sure their CRM user profile is linked with calls to and from this line.  

What will be the function of the line?
- To receive incoming and outgoing calls
- The new line be used for making outgoing calls only?  
- Or just for incoming calls - please confirm.

Will the person using this line also be using another VoIP line for making outgoing calls? 

Please confirm as this will mean they will may need to change their Click2Call settings depending on which line they wish to use for making outgoing calls. 

Will this new line be used with a VoIP phone handset or softphone?  Please specify.
- Do you have a spare phone handset - if so please let us know the make and model?  
- If you require new phone equipment then please click here to view our range of cordless VoIP phones and click here to view our range of corded desk phones that are available to buy directly from us.  

Please note: We advise you purchase phone equipment directly from us as we do not charge to configure the phones as we do this for you automatically as part of the setup.   If you choose to buy a 3rd party phone then if we have to get involved in configuring it for you remotely then we will charge for the time to set it up.

If using the new VoIP line with existing VoIP phone equipment - please can you let us know the firmware version you are currently using? 
How do you want the incoming line set up? 
- For example should the line only ring on 1 phone or should it ring on a number of different phones (if so which ones) in a group ring or hunt group set up please click here to see options.  

Do you want the current outgoing VoIP lines to be altered so that you use this new VoIP number for the CLI (caller line identity)?

Does the new line need to have a physical extension? (i.e. do you want to be able to transfer and forward calls, capture call statistics on this line)?

Will this line be in the same location as the other phone lines?  If not you will need to do a VoIP speed test at this new location, please click here to see how to do this test.

Please contact our Support Helpdesk with the above information so that we can help you.