Send an SMS message to a contacts phone to notify them of a missed call

This can be set up by our Technical team so that if a call is unanswered then an SMS message is sent to the phone to let the person know that they were called by your company. 

In order to get this set up please find the following questions and information below: 

1. What quantity of SMS would you be looking at? 


Please note that there is a charge per SMS at 10p per message (based on up to 160 characters).  There are discounts if you are sending large volume SMS messages each month which are as follows:

  • 501-1000 per month the price is 8p per SMS
  • 1,000 +  per month the price is 6p per SMS

2. Do you want the SMS message to go out to mobiles only, landlines only or both?

Please be aware we cannot guarantee delivery of the SMS to landline calls nor can we get reporting back on it as the likes of BT and other networks may not support it.


3. We have 2 ways to set up the SMS message as follows:


A. Automated Process where we would automatically send the SMS text based on rules you ask us to set up i.e. based on a call unanswered duration. 


For example if the call is unanswered in less than 10 seconds then the SMS message is automatically sent out.

The above we can set up for free of charge.  Please just let us know the rules for sending and the content of the SMS message.


B. Alternatively, we can set up a pop up window at the end of the call – this would give you the option to send the SMS by manually clicking a yes or no option as you would have ability to choose to send the SMS message or not.

We can also add in other functionality by giving you other features such as the ability to add notes into the pop up window which would then be associated to the contact you have just called, we also can give you the ability to send out email from the pop up window, or arrange a call back and associate this to the tasks/calendar etc. 

Please note: this pop up window feature is customisation work and we would charge for this. 

Before providing you with a quotation we would need to understand what you want to capture here before so that we have your brief in order to provide you with a cost. 

To discuss further please contact our Support Helpdesk.