Moving over your existing VoIP Lines and Phone handsets to our CRM system

Yes it is possible to move your existing VoIP lines and phone equipment over to us provided that your current provider has not locked you into a contract. 

Some VoIP providers lock in the phone hardware so you are not able to move across to another provider, so in effect you are simply renting the hardware.  

We do not operate that way - as we provide you with VoIP phone hardware for you to either buy upfront so you own it and can take the phones to any VoIP provider in future should you wish to, or we can offer you a way of spreading the cost of the phones by paying monthly over a period of time.

How can I check if my VoIP phones are locked in to the current provider?

1. Contact your current provider to ask if the hardware is locked in or not?

2. If the phones are set up on a sip address then that means we will be able to move the phones over to us as we simply replace the old sip address through your current provider with our sip address which is very easy to do.

What can I do if the VoIP phone handsets are locked in?

The only way around it would be to purchase new phone handsets from us.   We can provide you with good pricing and discounts for bulk purchases.  

You can pay upfront for the phones or over a period of time as a monthly fee until you have paid for them.  Owning your phone handsets means that you can move to another VoIP provider in future if you wish to with no restriction.

Can I move over my existing phone lines over to you? 

Yes, let us know what lines you want to move across.  We just need to check who your phone lines belong to i.e. BT lines, other VoIP providers to ensure we can port the lines into our system. 

The majority of lines can easily be ported - it costs £30 + VAT to do this per line as a one-off fee. Simply email our Support Helpdesk with the details of the VoIP line numbers you wish to port over to us so that we can check for you.