1. From your VoIP phone dial *97  or *98 to access your voicemail box.    

If listening to voicemails straight from your phone you can use *97 which will mean you will only need to enter your password (see point 3 below).  

If listening to your voicemails from another phone you would need to dial *98 and enter both your mailbox number (see point 2 below) and password. 

Alternatively you can dial +44 (0)1793 251125 remotely from another phone if you do not have access to your VoIP phone.


2. You will be prompted to give your Mailbox number (this is the Extension number see screenshots below) 

This is accessed from the Phone icon along the menu bar and then choosing the Line Summary icon:

3. Next you will be asked for your Password this is also displayed in the phone settings - (see screenshot below) – enter the numbers into your handset or soft phone dial pad.

4.  To get to the voicemail you need to press 0 to access your mailbox options. 

5.    You will then be able to play each of your voicemail messages - follow the voice prompts to go to the next message or to delete messages.