Normally when you see a provider registration failed message it is because of a network issue or where your VoIP line has not been successfully registered to your VoIP phone equipment. 

Please follow the steps below to help resolve this:

1. Can you confirm that the internet is working OK?  Can you access the internet from your PC?   If not please re-boot your router so that your PC and phones can re-establish a network connection. 

If you can still access the internet from a PC (connected to the same router that runs your VoIP phones) please see the steps below: 

2. If using a Gigaset cordless phone please can you check that the Gigaset N300IP base station is plugged into the router - and the blue light is on on the front on the Gigaset base station? 

If not please re-set the base station by switching it off and back on again and also disconnect the base station from your router/switch for 5 minutes before re-connecting - this will hopefully re-establish a network connection. 

3. If using a Desk phone please check that the phone is correctly connected to your network - click here for guidance. 

4. Have you made any changes to your internet i.e. do you have a new router or have you upgraded your internet or changed provider etc? 

If you have changed the router - have you plugged the Ethernet cable that runs between your Gigaset N300 IP base station / desk phone into the correct port on your router?  The Ethernet cable should be plugged into one of the LAN ports on your router.

5. Is your internet router that runs your VoIP phone on a Dynamic or Static IP address?  You may need to ask your internet service provider to find this out.  

Unless we are told otherwise your phone equipment is configured for a Dynamic IP address. If you are on a Static IP address please let us know this so that we can advise you further.

6. Please find your public IP address (just type into a web browser 'What is my IP address' and send this to us so that we can check that your IP address has not become blocked - if so we can unblock this for you. 

If after the above checks your phone is still not working then please follow the steps below:

1.    We may need to login to the web interface of your phone to check your Authentication Password - to make sure that the Secret password has been used and also check that the Username correctly has your VoIP extension number added. 

2.   To do this we need your VoIP IP address from your phone to access the web interface settings.

To find your VoIP IP address on a Gigaset Dect phone please click here

To find your VoIP IP address on a Gigaset Desk phone please click here

To find your VoIP IP address on a Cisco Desk phone please click here

To find your VoIP IP address on a Yealink Desk phone please click here 

To find your VoIP IP address on a Polycom Desk phone please click here

3. The line may have failed to register due to an old phone line (which is no longer in use) still being registered onto the phone equipment - in this case we will need to remove the line connection so that the phone does not try and register to a line that is no longer used - which means the registration can fail due to an incorrect password. 

             4. We may also need to change the port on your VoIP connection settings.  Please click here to see instructions on how to change port in the VoIP section of this troubleshooting repository.

5.   Another option would be to register your VoIP line to a free softphone sofware system such as XLite please click here to find out more.  

If you can set the line up on XLite to see if there are any issues or not? 

6.   In the event that you cannot register your line we would suggest that you contact your ISP as it is likely to be an issue with your broadband line and router configuration. 

If you have any questions about this please contact our Support Helpdesk.