To enable us to understand your internet network we may ask you to do a DOS command prompt by Pinging your VoIP IP Address 

  • VOIP IP Address - if using a Desk phone please click here to see how to access your VoIP IP address. 
  • If using a cordless Dect phone please click here.

Once you have your VoIP IP address please follow the instructions below to run a Ping test:

1. Please click on the start button on your PC.

2. Type cmd in the start window as shown below:

3. This loads up a DOS command window as shown below:

4. Type ping and then a space followed by your VoIP IP address - as shown in the example below:

5. Press the Return key - the test will then run as shown below: 

If your phone is on the same network you should get a ping response … if you get “destination unavailable” then the computer cannot see the phone and therefore you will be unable to connect to your phones Gigaset web interface settings.

What to do next if you get the error message 'destination unavailable'?

This indicates a problem with your internet connection.  

You need to contact your broadband provider to report there is a problem.  

Once this is fixed then try the instructions above to ensure the error message does not occur again.  

The phone should then connect to your internet and work as normal.

Please send the results of the above test to our Support Helpdesk.