No, we do not use auto dialler functionality that would call up numbers automatically from a list.

Instead we can set up the ability to allocate a pool of contact/leads automatically with the Click2Call feature.

How does this work?

To avoid over-calling or duplication of the leads within the sales/support or call centre team we can set up your CRM account to only ever pull up one new lead at a time from a pool of leads. 

This way that one lead can then be allocated to a person (user) who will open up the contact record and click on the contact number and this will automatically call the contact, using Click2Call.

This ensures then that the contact record gets qualified or removed from the list. 

We can set up other rules such as if the contact does not qualify into a hot-lead or sale etc then they will be removed from the pool of leads or put back into the pool over a time period, for example 6 months -1 year (preventing over-calling).

To find out more please contact our Support Helpdesk.