Mute or Pause Call Recording to be PCI DSS Compliant:

Many businesses take card payment over the telephone and it is really important if that call is recorded to make sure the payment details are not recorded for security reasons. This ensures that your business is PCI DSS compliant.

We have several ways to do this. The quick and easy way is to set up a mute/pause call recording button that you can turn on and off when you take the payment details.

Method 1:

How is it set up?

You will find the Mute Call button inside any contact record, please see screenshot below:

How does it work?

1. When you are on a call and wish to pause the call recording, simply click on the Mute Call button

2. This will mute the call and display a pop-up to show that the call is muted as shown below:

3.  To activate call recording again click on the ‘Unmute Call’ button (and close the dialogue by clicking on the red cross box in the top right hand corner) as shown above.

Method 2:

This alternative method is the same as method 2 but we go one step further in connecting the transaction process within the CRM system.

How does it work?

1. Use the mute call button

2. Click on another button that links straight into your merchant pop up screen to take card payment details.

3. The card details can be entered into the form and then authorised whilst the operator or user is still on the phone to the caller.

4. Once the transaction has been verified the operator can then unmute the call and continue the conversation with call recording back on.

To find out more about this please contact our Support Helpdesk.