We do not limit the number of calls coming in from a technical prospective. 

The number of calls to be received is determined on the phone equipment you choose - in terms of how many consecutive calls that it can receive in at any one time.

For example if you went for the cordless Gigaset DECT phone(s) you need the Gigaset N300 IP Base Station that plugs into a router – although you can attach 6 Gigaset Dect phones to this Base Station, you can only receive in 3 consecutive calls at once.

If using the Gigaset N510 IP Base Station you can receive in 4 consecutive calls at once.

Be aware that if someone transfers a call to another number it will take up 2 channels (lines) so it decreases the number of calls that can come through at anyone time. 

To find out more please contact our Support Desk and provide us with information about the number of lines you require so that we can better understand how you want things set up so that we can advise accordingly. 

If using Gigaset Desk phones (you need to have separate phone lines for each handset – you do not need that for the Gigaset Dect phones as long as you do not want to transfer calls or divert – if you do you will need extension lines to do this).