Your VoIP may be setup with one main line number for customers to dial with further extension lines that sit behind this main number.

These extension lines can be set up as either physical extensions or virtual extensions.  Please see the difference between the two below:

Physical extension lines:

With physical extension lines you can do the following functions:

1. Transfer calls to another extension number internally 

2. Divert the extension line to another number either internally or externally

3. Call statistics will be captured for each extension line so you can track incoming and outgoing calls, call duration and listen back to call recordings for each of the extension lines

4. Calls can be received directly to each of the extensions as they will have direct dial numbers

Virtual extension line:

With a virtual extension line you cannot do any of the above functions.

The main number will be routed to a virtual extension line which may ring in the following sequences:

  • Group ring - all extension lines will ring together when a call is received on the main line.
  • Hunt group - the extension lines will ring following a sequence, perhaps extension line 1 rings for 3 rings and then extension line 2 then rings for 3 rings before ringing on the next extension line.
  • Queue - a call will be transferred from the main number to the next available extension line - if after 3 rings it is not answered it will jump to the next available extension line.

Please contact our Support Helpdesk to discuss your requirements further.