This is because you need to configure your new router.  You cannot just plug it in.  Please follow the instructions in the accompanying manual to configure your router correctly. 

If you do not have a manual to hand please do a Google search on setting up your new router with the details of your router make and model as you should be able to find this information online.

If after you have configured your router correctly you are still seeing this error message on your phone please read below for further guidance: 

This is a network issue – where the router is not providing your phone with a network connection.


You may try to make a call and get the engaged tone or just an error message 'Error in main IP account' your phone line will be 'offline' until this is resolved - please follow the steps below: 


Test if broadband is picked up by your router

1. Plug in a laptop into your router and see if you can log onto the internet i.e. log into the BBC news website which is:

If this works then simply do the following: 


2. Unplug and re-boot your internet router and phones and wait at least 5 to 10 minutes before plugging back in.

3. The router and phone should then re-set and the phone should then pick up the internet connection from the router.


4. If the issue is still not resolved please let us know your public IP address - just type into a web browser 'Whats my IP address?' this will then display your public IP address as this may have got blocked so we need to check.   


5. A blocked IP address can happen if you have a line that has been ported out but the line profile is still active on the phone.   This causes an issue as the line is trying to register and the password previously used for the line keeps failing because the line is no longer in the system and due the failed password attempts the IP address is blocked.   


To resolve this you must remove the line profile from the phone by logging into the web interface - click here for more info. 


If you cannot access the internet through your laptop then please see the guidance below: 


1. The issue is either your router blocking the network connection or there could be a problem on your broadband line.


2. Check your Router is VoIP compatible it needs to be an ADSL router/modem - here are a list of compatible and incompatible routers:

Routers compatible for VoIP:

  • Technicolor TG582n PRO or the TG589n
  • ASUS routers
  • Cisco RV042(G) / RV082 / RV016 / RV110W / RV180W / RV320
  • Cisco Integrated Services Routers (1900/2900/3900 series)
  • Draytek 2830 / 2820 series
  • ZyXEL range
  • Linksys by Cisco ADSL and cable routers

Routers that are not recommended for VoIP:

  • Virgin Super Hubs (stealth-update of the firmware by the ISP can break some settings) sometimes have to use bridge to get around it.
  • BT HomeHub (stealth-update of the firmware by the ISP can break some settings).
  • Sky routers - they are pre-configured hence why you cannot change settings for VoIP.
  • FritzBox
  • Belkin

The above incompatible routers do not allow for the disabling of SIP ALG which is essential for VoIP. 


3. Please find out your VoIP IP Address and provide this to us so that we can check that this is not blocked. 


From a Gigaset Desk phone to find your IP address please click here.  If using a Gigaset cordless Dect phone to find the IP address of your base station please click here.  

For any other model of phone please click here to view how to find the IP address for models such as Cisco, Polycom and Yealink. 


4. What is the local network set up?  For instance are you on a dynamic IP address internally but a static IP address externally?  Or are you on a Static IP address internally? 

5. Does your network use DHCP?  If you use a Dynamic IP address then you will need DHCP enabled on your router. 

6. Please let us know your public IP address - just type into a web browser 'whats my IP address?' this will then display your public IP address as this may have got blocked so we need to check. 

7. If using a Gigaset phone then please check your phone settings by logging into your Gigaset Base Station or Gigaset Desk phone via the web interface to check your IP address is set up on a Dynamic IP address by going to the Settings.  

If using another desk phone such as a Polycom, Cisco or Yealink desk phone please click here to see how to login to the web interface for your model of phone.  


8. Check that your lines are still registered by going to Telephony - Connections via the web interface to make sure the line is registered. 

9. If the issue is still occurring this could be a firewall issue with your router blocking VoIP traffic.  Please check to see if you can disable the SIP ALG setting on your router to work around this. 


Please provide the details of your VoIP IP address by email to our Support Helpdesk.