If you are having problems connecting calls whether incoming or outgoing or both then it could be caused by a number of reasons:

  • If your network is on a Static IP address then please check that DHCP is enabled on your router?  Please click here to find out more.

  • How many networks do you have in operation?  For example do you have more than 1 router?

  • Can you connect to your router that runs your VoIP service? If so can you get an IP Address from that router? Please connect to the router and type into a web browser 'What is my IP address?'  Please let us have this IP address so that we can check it has not become blocked. 

  • Have you checked your VoIP Port settings? To find out how to do this please click here  Try changing the port to ‘5065’ – this typically overcomes any issues with routers and alike using port 5060.

  • Are your firewall settings blocking your VoIP line? Please check which ports are open on your firewall.  

  • Please confirm if the SIP ALG has been disabled on your router? 

  • There will be different instructions for each router on disabling the SIP ALG, we recommend that you do a web search on your router make and model to find out how to disable the SIP ALG setting, please click here to find out more.

  • If you are unable to disable the SIP ALG on your router please use the STUN server on your phones set up by entering stun.crmdomain.com into the Stun Server address field, please click here for further information on doing this. 

If you are still experiencing issues with your VoIP line please contact our Support Helpdesk with details of your network set up and make and model of your router and any affected calls with details of dates/times/calls in/out.